Cobham SB200 SwiftBroadband System

LGA-3000 SwiftBroadband Antenna
Only 1.4 pounds/630 grams, including built-in GPS antenna that enables stand-alone installation on almost any size to continue

HLD-7260 Amplifer / Diplexer
Combines a high power amplifier and diplexer with low noise amplifier. Small footprint, lightweight and fast, low-cost to continue

SDU-7310 Satellite Data Unit
Only 6.17 pounds/2.8 kilograms, this slim unit provides high-speed data performance and can be installed outside the pressure to continue


20 April 2011 - Cobham SwiftBroadband Antenna Begins Service on Turkish Airlines’ to continue
13 Oct 2010 - Cobham SB200, smallest SwiftBroadband product yet... click to continue