SDU-7310 Satellite Data Unit

The SDU-7310 Satellite Data Unit supports simultaneous telephone channel and data connections with speeds up to 200 kbps, offering passengers on smaller aircraft access to services such as Internet, voice and e-mail.

Small and lightweight, the SDU-7310 is almost half the size of competitive Satellite Data Units. What’s more, it offers flange mounting to eliminate expensive and heavy ARINC 600 trays and connectors, further reducing weight and footprint. It can also be mounted outside the pressure vessel and does not need to be co-located with the HLD-7260, enhancing installation flexibility.

  • Built-in router enables simultaneous connectivity to multiple data users
  • Power Over Ethernet on all ports (configurable)
  • Simple non-ARINC 600 connectors
  • Built in GPS receiver
  • Flange mounted for increased installation options
  • Suitable for installation outside pressure vessel
  • Internal calls between handsets
  • PPPoE Internet access
  • Can be remotely controlled and monitored

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